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A Man Wins Almost A Million Doller Sweepstakes Because He Missed His Birthday

She believes that her mother, who has already passed away, helped her from heaven because she was a great lottery fan and was convinced that one day, she would win.

The fans of playing the lottery, whether it's Christmas, Primitiva, EuroMillion or any other similar draw, are aware that they have little chance of becoming millionaires. Despite this, most of them repeat the same routine every week: they approach their lottery, fill in the numbers that they believe will be the winners and trust their luck.

Anyone that has participated in this type of draws hoping that the most important dates of his life are those that lead him to glory: the birthday of the members of the family unit, the date of their wedding, the communion of the child ... any number is good if it comes out of the hype and we have it on our ticket. But, sometimes, fortune multiplies.

Wollongong is a quiet coastal city of about 300,000 inhabitants of southeastern Australia. There, lives a man, whose name has not been made public, who has had all the luck in the world: like so many others he participated in a draw of the Australian lottery and luck has wanted him to be the only one awarded ... thanks to an error.

Win Almost a million dollars

The Australian lottery authorities have explained to Illawarra Mercury how the events happened, in the words of the winner himself: " I made a mistake with my numbers. One of them is the birthday of a family member, but then I realized that I had really made a mistake. If I had not used the wrong number, I would not have guessed the combination......."